Charades Summer Edition

Charades Summer Edition

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A summer-themed charades game where the audience acts out what they see on the screen and the participants up front attempt to guess the correct answer.


This game features things that would normally be found in any given summer. This game can be played with each grade competing against each other, all going at the same time or one grade at a time. It can also be played boys vs girls. The students up front can be rotated out with other students or they can stay up front the whole time. Watch students act in a hilarious, yet wall-breaking game that gets everyone involved.

This Resource Includes: • Read Me document (Word file) • Complete PowerPoint game file • Individual (11 rounds + instructions) game slides (jpeg files) • Title slide (jpeg file) Pro Tip The volunteers on stage should be extroverts. It makes for a better reaction to the acting.

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Steve Adame