Cell Phone Shootout

Cell Phone Shootout

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Jimmy Fallon inspired this great game…


Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon inspired this fun game. It’s all about chance. Your students have 15 seconds to use their cell phone to take a picture off of your projector screen. We’ve created a 15 second video loop that has 10 Actions moving by so fast that they can’t choose what they land on. While the video is playing and these slides are rapidly changing you say, “One, two, three, take a picture! What did you capture on your phone?” The student looks at his/her phone and the photo either reveals an easy task (“High-5 ten people”) or a tough task ("drink a Coke through a friend's sock"). The student who knowingly volunteers takes his/her punishment and you move on to the next brave volunteer.

Use this game to really spice things up before a service!

Austin Whelan