Cell Phone Shootout: Naughty or Nice Edition

Cell Phone Shootout: Naughty or Nice Edition

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In this Christmas edition of Cell Phone Shootout, participants will endure the outcomes based on whether they have been naughty or nice.


If you are looking for a great partner game, a fun and entertaining upfront game during the Christmas season...then Cell Phone Shoot Out is the way to go! Guaranteed for big laughs and embarrassing moments!

So simple to play. The mp4 video file rapidly repeats the game slides and the student takes a picture of the screen—whatever the camera captures (either naughty or nice) the student has to perform.

Cell Phone Shoot Out was inspired by Jimmy Fallon. Participants use their cell phones to take a picture of a video that is quickly scrolling through multiple outcomes. This version is designed with the Christmas season in mind. So have you been naughty or nice this year? Only fate will determine what will happen next! You can use this in a setting where you can give your audience a little entertainment. This particular version of Cell Phone Shoot Out has been specifically designed for partners to play together. One person will take a shot with their phone while their partner will endure the outcome. There are 4 Naughty slides and 4 Nice slides in this edition.

Resource includes:
• Game instructions
• Individual game slides (jpeg files)
• Editable Photoshop game slide (psd file)

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Austin Whelan