Cell Phone Shoot Out: Face-Off Edition

Cell Phone Shoot Out: Face-Off Edition

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Cell phones are inevitable today, so let's put them to good use in this “face-off” edition!


Cell Phone Shoot Out is a game that allows everyone to have fun! Whether you're playing or sitting in the audience… this is an enjoyable game. And who doesn't like watching people make funny faces?

Students take their cell phones everywhere they go...so why not put them to use at church? In this edition of Cell Phone Shoot Out, a selected student takes a snap-shot of a video loop that is quickly scrolling through several different funny faces. After they take the picture, they then have to imitate the selected photo for the audience to enjoy. You can use this as a great opener for a student service. This game resource includes 10 different slides showing the funny faces on a looping video and a how to play guide.


    • Cell Phone Shoot Out Face-Off video loop (mp4 file)
    • Individual Face-Off game slides (jpg files)
    • Game-play instructions

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Austin Whelan