Celebrity Birthday

Celebrity Birthday

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Guess the birth year of famous celebrities. Good luck!


Here's a fun game where people have to guess the age of famous celebrities. You can play this with two individuals, two couples, or two teams of any size working together.   Say this: Here's a chance for you to prove your ability to determine the age of certain famous celebrities!   It's simple. I show you a picture of a celebrity, and you tell me their age. I'll alternate between teams, starting with this team, and then the other team makes an alternative guess. The closest guess wins!  
  • Chris Helmsworth (answer: born August 11, 1983)
  • JLo (answer: born July 24, 1969)
  • Adam Levine (answer: born March 18, 1979)
  • Jennifer Aniston (answer: born February 11, 1969)

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Jonathan McKee