Celebrity Baby Pics

Celebrity Baby Pics

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Have you ever wondered what Kanye looked like as a baby? Well, with Celebrity Baby Pics your days of wondering are over!


There are two things everyone loves: babies and Hollywood celebrities. So, everyone will love this screen-based game! This game would work anytime throughout the year; however, if you were doing a talk on maturing in Christ or maybe celebrating someone’s birthday at group, this game would fit nicely!

Here’s how the game works:

Students are shown a picture of a celebrity as a baby. Using pre-populated multiple-choice answers, students match the baby with the celebrity.

This Resource Includes:
• PowerPoint File (Editable)
• Slides (jpg, 1920px x 1080px)
• Title Slide
• 10 gameplay slides
• How to Play (multiple options, Word)

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Ken Mcintyre