Capybara Catch

Capybara Catch

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Pull out your net cause it's time to catch some Capybaras! Capybaras LOVE to hide in corners, so pick a corner, follow the screen, and see who will be the ultimate Capybara Catcher! 🤠


Who doesn't love a Youth group classic - 4 Corners! & who doesn't love the animal that is currently breaking the internet - Capybaras! (Why isn't there a Capybara emoji yet? 🦫) This game features Capybaras in a fast-paced video format that your youth group will love to play! 

To play Capybara Catch, divide your room into four corners. Each video round is 20 seconds long. Watch the countdown timer as you decide which corner to investigate. If your corner successfully finds the Capybara when the clock runs out, then they are still in the game & on the Capybara Catch! The last person remaining will be THE Capybara Catcher! 🤠

This Resource Includes:

  • Individual (10 rounds) game videos (mp4 files
  • 2 Tiebreaker video rounds (mp4 files))
  • Title video (mp4 file)
  • Title slide (jpeg file)


Note from Author

About this Product
Check with your tech volunteer who is running this game. You want to avoid having it be the same Corner number every round. The Capybara patterns are either chaotic & all over the place or in distinct patterns. There are 2-3 versions of each corner, but some are distinct & unique, so I would advise against repeating rounds! The video rounds come with their own music, but if you would like to play THE trending Capybara theme song, you can mute the videos and play the Capybara theme song instead. The link for this 1-hour looping song will be included in the downloadable instructions document.
Amanda Freeman

Amanda Freeman

Amanda worked in youth ministry for 7 years in Orange County, teaching students how to use their creativity to serve. She now leads a 7th grade lifegroup & loves to create DYM content!