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Get students engaged this summer with CAMP CLUE! It's a fun activity for students to search through your camp or retreat to find the camp clues to find out who did it, with what weapon, and in what location. This fully customizable resource will have kids hunting in no time!!


Doug's note: So clever! Love how this targets all students but could be used for those who don't want to play all the crazy, active games... great job thinking of them. So easy to use!

This is a fun game to have going on all through your camp, retreat, or weekend getaway! This editable PDF resource will have students searching high and low to find all 15 clues that you hide through your camp. This is a fun side game to have going for those students who don't want to engage with all the active parts of camp or just as a fun thing to do during some free time! Included in this resource is an 8-minute training video on how best to use this in your context. Get students engaged this summer with CAMP CLUE!

How many students can play? You can use it for small groups of students as teams or hundreds of kids at camp.

How long will it take to play? If your camp is huge and spread out the game will take a lot longer. But you can decide to tighten up the distance by choosing closer locations for clues. On average it takes 30 mins to give a clue and the student to find the building and locate the clue. But, if you made the locations closer you could power through the game in an hour of pure sprinting from location to location.

This Resource Includes:

  • Full instructional how-to video (mp4 file)
  • Title slide (jpeg file)
  • Instruction slide (jpeg file)
  • Answer slide (jpeg file)
  • Editable black and white game cards (pdf files)
  • Editable full-color game cards (pdf files)
  • Example card (pdf file)
  • Leader card (pdf file)




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