Building Relationships with God and Others

Building Relationships with God and Others

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Another “on your own” discipleship resource on Psalms by youth ministry legend Jim Burns


Help your students discover principles for enriching the relationships in their lives with this "on your own" Bible study based on the 15 “Songs of Ascent” found in the book of Psalms – by youth ministry legend Jim Burns.

This resource contains 12 lessons (Word documents), each one filled with scriptures and questions that your students can do "on their own,” be used for small group studies, one-on-one sessions with youth leaders, or by parents for use with their kids.

This resource allows you to make as many copies as you want and make them available to your teenagers. Challenge them to study God's Word "on their own" so that when they graduate from your youth ministry they won't graduate from their faith.

So easy to use! Photocopy and hand out...

The chapters include:

12 reproducible and adaptable word documents

  1. Building a Firm Foundation (Psalm 120 & 121)
  2. Understanding & Enjoying Worship (Psalm 122)
  3. Mercy: God’s Style (Psalm 123 & 124)
  4. Becoming a Person of Integrity (Psalm 125)
  5. Laughter: A Joy Filled Life (Psalm 126)
  6. Successful Living (Psalm 127)
  7. Living a Happy Life (Psalm 128)
  8. Faithfulness: Hanging in There (Psalm 129)
  9. Understanding Prayer (Psalm 130)
  10. Humility: A Trademark of Walking with God (Psalm 131)
  11. Obedience (Psalm 132)
  12. Unity (Psalm 133 & 134)
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