Bubble Night

Bubble Night

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Bubbles: Bubblegum, Blowing Bubbles, Bubble Wrap, Inflatable Bubbles -- all of those are combined into this one epic game event, Bubble Night!


This resource includes plans for a complete game night. The event is bubble-themed and relies on different types of bubbles: bubblegum, blowing bubbles, bubble wrap, and even inflatable bubbles.

The game ideas are based on individual small groups of 5-8 students, so it's scalable for a youth group of 8, 80, or 800. You can use the game ideas to run a game event night, a themed lock-in, or even take the individual ideas and use them as activities to open your weekly student ministry service.

This Resource Includes:
• Ten games and activities for the event
• YouTube videos links for transitions
• Snack ideas
• Notes/Pro Tips on how to run the event smoothly


Allison Williams