Boxes of Consequences: Pie in the Sky

Boxes of Consequences: Pie in the Sky

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Based on the old game show "Don't Press Your Luck!", players who answer incorrectly, get pies dropped on them from above.


Bring 2-4 contestants up front and have them sit in a chair. (If you're kind, give them a garbage bag or poncho…but that's not necessary.)

Show a pie-themed question on the screen for the contestant number 1. Correct answers earn him/her a chance to win points. Wrong answers earn him/her a pie from the sky!

AWARDING POINTS: Using the Sidekick app, there will be a screen filled with point values but also different kind of pies (Whammies). The contestant who answered the question correctly yells, "Stop!" If the screen lands on a points' square, they receive the points. If the screen lands on a pie square, they get a pie dropped on their heads from above.

This is a great resource for a retreat or special event. It will get the crowd laughing and keep your contestants on their toes.

This Resource Includes:
• Title Slide
• 10 Pie-themed Q&A slides
• PowerPoint file
• Unique Sidekick App (Boxes File)
• Detailed instructions

Boxes Intro from Download Youth Ministry on Vimeo.


Seth Hooper