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Everybody loves the Big Game commercials. So, what’s more youth ministry than making a game out of them? Big Game Commercial Bingo is the perfect way to keep your “not-so-football-savvy-crowd-occupied” during the Big Game.


Who is more iconic than a Super Bowl Party for your student ministry? Gather all the kids together, watch a game on the big screen, have some moms bring in some epic snacks.

But then, wait. What do you do about the commercials?!

Some kids hate football and are only here for the commercials. But you know, some commercials are hilarious and some and wildly inappropriate.

How about a rousing game of commercial BINGO? You’ll even be someone’s hero if you have to turn off an inappropriate commercial because that’s one of the BINGO spaces!

This Resource Includes:

  • 30 unique bingo card images including a blank card for customization (jpeg files)
  • PDF of all 30 squares to print and cut and distribute
  • How to Play instructions (Word Doc)

Note from Author

About this Product
Don't feel like if you have more than 30 kids you won't be able to play. Teenagers don't always all pay attention or choose to participate in the game, 30 variations should be plenty! Also, if you're not meeting in person for a party, you can still play this game through Social as a way to capitalize on the cultural moment of the Big Game!