Big Bible Words

Big Bible Words

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A 4-part series tackling the BIG WORDS in Christianity


Ever read a word in the Bible and had no clue what it meant? Christianity uses plenty of big and complex words in theology, but that doesn't mean we can't understand them! This four-part series for high school students looks at big words in the Bible, including: transgression, propitiation, justification, and sanctification.

Includes brief outline and big ideas, passages of Scripture, and definitions for big theological words found in the Bible.

Week 1: Transgression and Iniquity
The Big Idea: The grace of God can handle all our sin, both internal and external. God heals us wholly, both inside and out.

Week 2: Propitiation
The Big Idea: God's love for us is best revealed in the sacrificial love of Jesus's death.

Week 3: Justification
The Big Idea: We can have confidence in the once-for-all salvation that Jesus gives us. Jesus saves; we don't.

Week 4: Sanctification
The Big Idea: We aren't saved by our good works; we're saved for good works. Grace is opposed to earning, not effort (Dallas Willard).

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Joel Mayward