Bible Verse Slide Pack - Love

Bible Verse Slide Pack - Love

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A 10-pack of Scripture slides that focus on the theme of love.


Bible Verse Slide Packs are simple:


  1. Each pack focuses on a key theme in scripture

  2. Each pack contains 10 well-known verses relating to the theme

  3. Each slide features a clean image and simple typography

Some youth workers have the time, resources, and Photoshop skills to create their own graphics… but, most don’t. So, if that’s not you, you can benefit from spending a couple bucks to have quality scripture graphics available for instant download.




You can throw these slides straight into your ProPresenter or Powerpoint to add something extra to your pre-service slide rotation.

You can print these slides out and use them anywhere.

You can use the images to text encouragement to students throughout the week, maybe during a week focused on love.

If you are using one of these verses in your message, you can use the slide for some extra style.




10 JPEG Verse Slides

-Each slide is sized to fill your TV or Projector (1920x1080)

-Each verse in this pack focuses on the biblical theme of love

-All verse slides are shown in the NIV translation


Be on the lookout for more Bible Verse Slide Packs in the future. Look for David’s other resources that are currently available in the DYM store.


David Hughes