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A 4-week series on friendships, helping students discover the benefits of surrounding themselves with the right people in life.


Editor's note: This message was originally taught to middle school students, but I work with high school students and this easily targets them as well.

Friends — they are BIG TIME influencers. Bigger than teachers. Bigger than the media. The people you surround yourself with — whether it’s friends, “best” friends, or boyfriends and girlfriends — will play an enormous role in determining the quality and direction of your life. Choose right, and you could be headed down the path to success, joy, and freedom in this life. Choose wrong, and you could find yourself waking up and wondering who the stranger is staring back at you in the mirror.

Over these four weeks, students will explore the pivotal arena of their friendships, discovering the incredible benefits of surrounding themselves with the right people in life.

What we want students to KNOW: Friendships can affect the quality and direction of our lives. We all have the ability to build friendships that last forever.

What we want students to FEEL: Sin has or can destroy and complicate friendships. Jesus gives us hope in our friendships so that we can overcome any obstacle.

What we want students to DO: Evaluate their friendships to determine WHO has influence over them and who they have influence over. Decide if they need to change how much influence some people have in their life.

Help your students have incredible friendships and give them the tools to keep those friendships lasting.

Primary Bible Passages Used:
Proverbs 13:20
1 Samuel 18
1 Corinthians 13

This Resource Includes:
• 4 weeks of teaching material
• 4 weeks of small group questions
• Title and notes slide for ProPresenter or Powerpoint


Jack Grimes