Beyond The Grave

Beyond The Grave

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A two-week miniseries of Jesus’ conversations after He arose from the grave.


After the resurrection, Jesus hung around for 40 days engaging His followers in life-changing talks. His conversations after his resurrection teach us important lessons.

Week 1 – After watching Jesus die on the cross, the disciples went back to the life they knew before Jesus…fishing. We tend to do the same thing when things get tough, abandon what we know about God and go back to what life we had. Jesus challenges us to keep living within our calling.

Week 2- Doubt is a big deal to our faith. The story of the conversation with “doubting Thomas” after Jesus rose from the grave can teach us a lot about our faith.

This Resource Includes:
• Complete teaching manuscript for each week (Word files)


Justin Knowles

Director of Kids & Youth at Sandals Church. Host of Youth Ministry Hacks Podcast.