Bears and Chairs

Bears and Chairs

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BEAR! BEAR! CHAIR! BEAR! In this video-driven game, students must attempt to remember the correct sequence of images.


Bears & Chairs is an on-stage game of focus and memory. A video will play that quickly shows a sequence of images (either a bear or a chair). Contestants have to attempt to remember all of the bears and chairs in the correct order. Level one is pretty easy with only 6 images to remember. It gets more difficult as you move up to Level 5 which has 22 images!

This Resource Includes:

• 5 folders that called, “Levels”. Each level contains two videos that show a sequence of bears and chairs. One version is at normal speed and the other is really fast. Use whichever one makes most sense in the moment. Each level also contains a series of videos with each individual image in the order that they appeared in the first video.

The idea is that you play the first video to your contestants and have them attempt to repeat the sequence out-loud or on paper (i.e. Bear, Bear, Chair, Bear, Chair, Chair). Each time they give an answer, play the next individual video to see if they’re correct.

• Game videos (mp4 files)
• Instructions document (pdf file)

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