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This Sidekick 'Pick Me' game is simple and designed for your online meeting. Students compete to be the first person to complete the task displayed on the screen.


This Sidekick 'Pick Me' game is designed to help youth workers with an online youth group experience using Zoom or any other online platform.

This game works great as an all-play game or you can even select a few participants for each round.

The game is simple. Spin the generator and hit stop when you feel like it. Players must then "Be The First" to perform the task on the screen.

Use the 'hide last item' feature so you don't repeat tasks. There are 20 pre-filled tasks ready to go for you. Add your own for more options.

Reward points that can add up over time for prizes, or give out prizes for each round such as candy drop-offs, etc.

This Resource Includes:
• Sidekick 'Pick Me' file
• Title & background images (jpeg files)

Pick Me Intro from Download Youth Ministry on Vimeo.

Matt Baker

Matt Baker

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