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A five-week series on the basic truths of the biblical narrative.


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This five-week series covers the basics of our faith. But rather than being structured according to topic (God, Jesus, the Bible, etc.), the series is structured according to the grand narrative of Scripture. We walk through the story of God's activity in the world as we trace the grand narrative of the Bible.

Our postmodern society doesn't want facts, they want stories and experiences. This series speaks into a postmodern society by taking the facts of our faith, the basics of what we believe, and presenting them as the grand narrative of Scripture. This series understands the basics of our faith as God's activity in the world and in us.

Week 1: Basically … God Created Everything
This week reveals that God created everything. We explore the significance of being made in God’s image by investigating who we were created to be and what we were created to do.

Week 2: Basically ... We Sinned
This week answers three questions about sin: 1. How did sin came into the world? 2. What is sin? 3. What does sin do? We conclude by entering a time of confession.

Week 3: Basically ... God Kept His Promise
This week, we look at the following Old Testament Covenants: Noahic, Abrahamic, Mosaic, and Davidic. We look who God made the covenant with, what the covenant promise was, and what the sign of the promise is. Then we see how the covenants of the Old Testament point to Jesus. This lesson concludes by asking “What difference do the covenants make for us?”

Week 4: Basically ... Jesus Saves Us
This week is essentially a continuation of the previous week as we examine how Jesus fulfills the Old Testament promises. After examining Jesus’ fulfillment of the covenants, we see how Jesus enters our humanity to save a sinful humanity. Finally, we see that Jesus is the only way to salvation.

Week 5: Basically ... We Hope for Eternity
This week examines the hope we have in Christ. We look at three elements of this hope: 1. What Christ has done. 2. What Christ is doing. 3. What Christ will do. We then look at three responses to our hope in Christ: 1. Believe in Christ. 2. Become like Christ. 3. Make disciples. The series concludes by reiterating that we don’t just believe facts, we believe that God is writing a story of his activity in the world and in his people.

This resource includes:
• Five word-for-word lesson plans that can be taught as sermons or small-group lessons
• Leader guides for each week
• Student handouts for each week
• PowerPoint presentations
• Graphics package


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