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A one-off message about how the power to change the world starts with our choice to keep our eyes on Jesus.


Baseball can be a very scary sport, because no one wants to get hit by the ball. We often have the same attitude in our Christian life, as well. We like to say we are on the team, but when we are up to bat and have the opportunity to tell someone about Jesus, we become afraid. This sermon is about how, just like the most important thing to do in baseball is keep your eye on the ball, the most important thing for you to do in life is keep your eyes on Jesus.

This Resource Includes: • Sermon Teacher Guide • Sermon Outline • Small group questions • Research References

Tell us a quick story of how this resource worked in your min-istry... This resource worked in my ministry by convicting and inspiring both middle school and high school students to keep their eyes on Jesus and share His love with others. I had over a dozen students person-ally walk up to me the following week and tell me how they had built relationships with baristas at Starbucks, or shared the gospel with an employee at the Braves game, some students now even use their six flags season pass as a ministry opportunity to witness to all the strangers they meet.