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A 4-week series about Dating, Friendship, and Sex


In today's youth culture, the term “Bae” means someone you have a crush on, a significant other, a boyfriend/girlfriend. Baewatch is a four-week “dating” series about the type of qualities the Bible teaches we should look for in a significant other.

Week 1 - Am I Ready to be Dating? – What is dating and when is the right time?

Week 2 - The "Friend Zone" – Build a Friendship first.

Week 3 - What is Love? – How can I love video games, my mom, and my girlfriend?

Week 4 – Sex – What is “sexual immorality?” Why should I wait? Some tips to win the temptation battle.

This series includes:
Word-for-word teaching transcripts for each lesson (1500-2000 words)
Detailed small group questions for each week
Graphic template