Bacon Bits of Truth (Bacon Trivia)

Bacon Bits of Truth (Bacon Trivia)

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How well do your students know the candy of the meat world!!? Test their knowledge with these bacon bits of truth!


A random and fun trivia screen game about America's favorite meat, Bacon!! This is the perfect anytime game to be played as small groups/teams, as individuals, or even an up-front face-to-face challenge.

Find out how much your students really know about bacon!!

Prize suggestion: A pound of bacon or a big bag of bacon bits!

This Resource Includes:
• Title Slide • 10 Question Slides • 10 Answer Slides


Dan Istvanik

Dan Istvanik, is a 27+ year veteran youth worker. He is currently a Family Pastor, just outside of Chicago. You can find out more about him and find other resources at his website: