Baby, You're A Firework Trivia

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Who doesn't like a great firework show?! But how much do your students actually know about fireworks? Find out with this Sidekick trivia game.


This Sidekick trivia game is designed to help celebrate the Fourth of July holiday with your students.

Play this as an all-play game with students in their seats, or create a 4-corner environment where students choose their answer by standing in the corner with the corresponding letter.

Play this game also as an upfront game by bringing a student up for each question. If they guess the correct answer, they win a prize.

This Resource Includes:

  • Sidekick 'Trivia' game file
  • Title & background graphics (jpeg files)



Note from Author

About this Product
If playing as an upfront game, have 10 prizes ready. If a contestant gets the answer wrong, add the prize to the next question and continue to do so until someone gets a correct answer.
Matt Baker

Matt Baker

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