Animated Movie Sing Off

Animated Movie Sing Off

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It's time to decide the ultimate Disney fan. Go head-to-head in a sing-off to see who can be the first to sing a song from a randomly selected Disney movie using the Sidekick 'Boxes' game file.


This is the perfect game for those animated movie fans in your youth group. All they have to do is be the first person to sing a song from the movie that pops up on the screen.

There are some "deep cuts" so make sure you pick real animated movie fans.

How to Play:
• Give contestants their own microphone and the first one to sing a song wins.
• Or, have one microphone in the center of the stage that contestants must run to grab. The first one to the mic sings the song and wins.
• For a different take on this game, you can have contestants go head-to-head and take turns. When it's their turn give them 5-seconds to sing a song. If they can't begin singing a song in 5-seconds, the other player gets the point.

This Resource Includes:
• Sidekick 'Boxes' game file
• Title and background slides (jpeg files)

Boxes Intro from Download Youth Ministry on Vimeo.


jonathan Owen