Animal Call-Out

Animal Call-Out

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In this Sidekick 'Photo Fury' game, students try to be the first to call out the animal name or sound. Simple right? Not so much!


Doug's note: much more difficult than it appears... very fun.

The idea is simple, but the execution is tough. Call out the animal name or animal sound you are instructed to from the slide. Each slide contains the squares. Each square will contain the name of an animal (a word), a picture of animal, or a sound an animal makes (a word). The three do not match up. There are two ways you can play the game.

*Use Sidekick for the most fun with this one; but you can also play it on PowerPoint or ProPresenter*
• Have everyone pair up
• Tell participants what they need to call out. Choose from multiple options:
- Sound of the animal displayed
- Name or sound of the animal pictured
- Name of the animal sound displayed
- A mix of all three (ex. sound of animal named, name of animal pictured, name of animal that makes the sound)
• Run Photo Fury and stop; or fire the next slide on ProPresenter/PPT
• First to call out the correct answer wins
• Loser sits, winner finds a new
• Play until there is one

*Best run on PowerPoint or ProPresenter*
• Call out 3-4 participants
• Put 30 or 60 seconds on the clock
• Tell participants what they need to call out (sound of the animal named, name or sound of the animal pictured, sound of the animal named, or a mix of the three)
• Begin with Participant #1
• Start the clock and show the first slide, moving forward one slide after he/she gives the correct answer
• Tally how many Participant #1 answers correctly
• Move on to Participant #2 and do the same
• Most correct is the winner

This Resource Includes:
• Complete Sidekick 'Photo Fury' game file
• Complete PowerPoint game file
• Individual (25) game slides (jpeg files)
• Title and background slide (jpeg files)
• Gameplay instructions document (Word file)


Derry Prenkert

20+ year youth ministry veteran, podcast host, and Disney World fanatic!