Amos For Them And For Us

Amos For Them And For Us

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In this one-off message, you explore Amos, who was a minor prophet, but who had a major message about selflessness that still applies to our students today.


Amos was sent to a foreign land to drop some hard truths that God wanted His people to know. Sounds a bit like youth ministry, right?

This one-off message revolves around the idea that you are not better than those around you. This message would fit easily in a season where you are addressing cliques, community, or selfishness. It would also serve as a great independent one-off​ message to hand to a volunteer.  

This Resource Includes: 

  • Complete message manuscript (Word file)
  • Opening activity (Word file)
  • Small Group Guide (Word file)
  • Title & content graphics (jpeg files)

Allison Williams