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A screen game where a popular AI bot rewrites famous pieces of content into completely different genres.


This captivating 10-question game will put your creative thinking to the test! Have you ever wondered what it would be like if a famous piece of content was reimagined in a completely different genre? With AI Rewrites, you'll have the opportunity to experience just that. In each round, ChatGPT was given a prompt to rewrite a well-known piece of content into a unique and unexpected genre. Your task is to guess the original content based on the AI's unique, shocking, and sometimes hilarious rewrites. 

Gameplay options:
• Play it as an all-play where the first to shout out the answer wins.
• Bring contestants to the front to see who can be the first to guess.
• Divide into teams and see which one can get the most rounds right. 

However you play, remind your students this is a much more enjoyable (and righteous) way to use ChatGPT over having it write their book reports!

(Note: This description was written by ChatGPT)

This Resource Includes:

  • Complete PowerPoint Game
  • 10 rounds of Questions, AI Responses, and Answer slides (jpeg files)
  • Instruction slide (jpeg file)
  • Title slide (jpeg files)


Note from Author

About this Product
Add some fun by having ChatGPT write out the script introducing the game or ask it to give you 10 different congratulatory statements to share with each round's winner.
Derry Prenkert

Derry Prenkert

Derry is a 25+ year youth ministry veteran providing coaching, consulting, care, and content to starting, stuck, and struggling ministry leaders (primarily youth pastors).