Advent Anticipating Jesus

Advent Anticipating Jesus

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A 4-week Christmas series that will challenge your students to think about the full meaning of Advent while anticipating Jesus' return.


Editor's Note: This is very well-written series that takes a different approach toward Christmas sermons.

This Advent series takes a new look at what Advent is all about. Typically, we use the Advent season as a time to tell the Christmas story and focus on remembering the birth of Jesus. In this series, your students will be challenged to not only anticipate Christmas Day and the birth of Jesus, but also anticipate His second coming, as we fully unwrap the definition of "Advent" and what the season is meant for. 

This series on anticipating Jesus will teeter between what we expect to experience and focus on with the classic Christmas story and what more we can find when we begin to anticipate Jesus' return. Students will be asked to examine their lives, their hearts, and their faith in considering if they are fully anticipating and seeking Jesus' return and if they are ready for it.

Week 1: Be Ready
Bottom Line: We don't know when Jesus will return, but He calls us to be ready.
Matthew 24:36–44

Week 2: Repent
Bottom Line: Part of being ready is checking our hearts and making sure our lives are in line with Jesus.
Matthew 3:1–12

Week 3: Don't Lose Faith
Bottom Line: It can be easy to lose faith in Jesus and in the fact that Jesus will return.
Matthew 11:2–6

Week 4: Remember
Bottom Line: Remembering what Jesus has already done can help remind us why we seek His return.
Matthew 1:18–25

This Resource Includes:

  • Four manuscripts (average of 2,000 words each)
  • Graphics: title slide, blank content slide, weekly content slide

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I often hear that people are tired of the same sermons being preached during Advent. This series will give the option to talk about something equally important and applicable, but yet very different than what we normally discuss. I think it is a great way to expand our student's vision of what Advent is about. PLUS I love using the lectionary when possible.

Brittany Ulmer

Brittany is a youth pastor from Wichita Kansas who loves students, her husband, her dogs, and the Lord (obviously)!