Action Packed Games Bundle

Action Packed Games Bundle

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A mixture of dodgeball variations, pool noodle combat games, and icebreakers! Twenty games in all! Each with graphic and instructions slides!


Doug's note: Wow! A lot went into this! If you have a lock-in... you've got the games covered for hours!

The Action Packed Games Bundle will supply your group with a ton of games that can be played and replayed for years! This bundle contains 11 epic dodgeball-game variations, 4 pool noodle games and 5 awesome ice breakers!

On top of that, this bundle also contains a graphic and instructions slide for each game!

This Resource Includes:
• 11 Dodgeball Variations
• 5 Ice Breaker Games
• 4 Pool Noodle Battle Games
• 20 Title Slides
• 20 Instruction Slides


Nathan Karas


Will Witkovsky