Absurd Inventions

Absurd Inventions

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Test your students’ ‘As Seen On TV’ knowledge as they discern which of these Absurd Inventions actually made it to market.


Your students will laugh (and scratch their heads) as you reveal some of the oddest inventions ever created, like: The Pizza Pouch, Hairy Leggings, and High Heel Wheelies and they work together to determine whether these inventions are real or fake. This is a screen-based game that’s easy to explain and play!

Here’s how the game works: Students are shown an “As Seen on TV” invention. They have to decide if the invention is real or fake.

This resource includes:

    • JPEG Slides (1920px x 1080px)
o Title Slide o 10 gameplay slides
    • PowerPoint File (Editable)
    • A word document outlining multiple ways to play the game


Ken Mcintyre