6th Grade Welcome Event

6th Grade Welcome Event

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Everything you need to put on a great event to kick off the year for only your incoming 6th graders.


Start the year off right. Assimilate your incoming 6th graders (or 7th graders if you start with jr. high ministry) with an event just for them. Plan ahead and get information into parents' hands and get the newest members of your ministry into a comfortable environment just for them. Help them feel comfortable, get to know you and the rest of your team, and even invite a few older students to come and serve the younger ones!

This Resource Includes:
• A plan for the event including a list of games (and what you will need for those games) to make the evening fun, simple and plug and play (Word file)
• A welcome letter to send to your incoming 6th graders (Word file)
• A welcome letter to send to parents of incoming students (Word file)
• An information card for parents to fill out and send back (Word file)

David Falcone