52 Ways to Grow Your Faith

52 Ways to Grow Your Faith

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52 Ways to Grow Your Faith will liberate you from thinking the only way to grow spiritually requires reading and praying. Instead, learn to grow spiritually while walking, driving, or working out. 52 Ways to Grow Your Faith will jump-start a stalled faith, provide a road map for a new faith, and energize an active faith. Use this resource with friends in a weekly study group or on your own--but get ready to try new ways to grow your faith.

Who are these books for?
Many want a rich, active faith, but feel ill-equipped to achieve that goal. The 52 Series is the perfect resource for new Christians, spiritual seekers, or seasoned believers. Whether you're taking your first steps, gaining a big-picture overview of Christianity, or looking to refresh your faith, this series will help. They're great books to read on your own, but they're even better when read and discussed in a group.

Gregg Farah