50 Shades of Solomon

50 Shades of Solomon

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A new graphic 4-week series based loosely on the Good Book…


From the makers of the Fire and Brimstone Spoken Word Dancing & Mime Group comes a new 4-week series that will knock all of your clothes off:
Week 1 – Read the Book You may think we’re talking about the Song of Solomon, but we’re actually talking about the best-selling book 50 Shades of Grey. Everyone knows that to best understand truth one needs to study false teachings... therefore, read the first 5 chapters and come ready to discuss it in the Holy Grounds Café.

Week 2 – Graphic Novel
We study the most graphic sexual passages in the Bible. This week's lesson includes a complete media section to supplement the content.

Week 3 – Keep It In Your Pants
This week we emphasize the overwhelming difficulty of actually remaining pure. Good luck … you’re going to need it. A really powerful “get Lucky” four-leaf clover illustration included.

Week 4 – The Gift of Singleness
In this grand finale of the series we challenge students to sign a "singleness pledge" where they commit to not getting married. The goal is to get teenagers to embrace the gift of singleness and be like Jesus, the Apostle Paul, and the Ethiopian eunuch. Special testimony transcript on the power of Homeschooling.


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