5 Intentional Small Group Activities - Volume 2

5 Intentional Small Group Activities - Volume 2

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Five practical, memorable activities proven to add depth to your small group.


Doug's note: Leaders--this is how you help your volunteers win. Give them the ideas and the tools to be successful. I love this one as much as Vol. 1... so much here--20 years of YM Experience in this content.

Small groups have been a passion of mine for 20+ years. As both a leader and coordinator, I have found it difficult to find meaningful activities for my small groups. As a result, I created my own. In this resource, you will find five activities that, when given the appropriate amount of preparation, are proven to add depth to your small group.

This Resource Includes: 

  • How to Use (Word Doc)
  • Shopping List: A compiled list of all of the materials you will need to accomplish all five of these activities. (Word Doc)
  • Leader Intros: Sample text messages and emails to send to your leaders with each activity. (Word Docs) 
  • Encouragement Web: An interactive lesson about the importance of encouragement. (2 Word Docs)
  • “I See” Statements: A lesson to empower the students in your group. (1 Word Doc, 2 PDFs)
  • Masterpiece: We are God’s masterpiece. This interactive activity will open their eyes to the greatness God created within them. (Word Doc, 3 JPG images)
  • Naming Ceremony: Ideal for the end of a small group season. Empower your students with a meaningful name that will encourage them in their walk with Jesus. (2 Word Docs, 1 PDF) 
  • Student to Student Journal: Students love their friends, but they tend to not take the time to let them know. This activity will allow students to tell their friends exactly what they are feeling. (2 Word Docs, 2 JPGS, 1 PDF)

Janelle Prenkert

I have been serving in youth ministry for a long time in both volunteer and staff roles. Small groups have always been a passion of mine. From leading my own group to coordinating and training small group leaders, I love watching God work. I have been fortunate to come alongside my husband Derry Prenkert in ministry all of those years.