5 Epic Summer Games

5 Epic Summer Games

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Are you ready to make your summer amazing FIVE times? Use minimal supplies or key accessories to let students compete and make fun memories.


Are you ready to make your summer amazing at least FIVE times? Using anything from minimal supplies to a few key accessories, these creative games and events let students compete as a team while building fun memories.

1) Many of these activities can happen on less than $50 for the event. Others can cost more based on what you do or don't have on hand. 
2) The games can take place in 15 minutes or become a special event.
3) If you have at least ten students (and ideally adult leaders adding to the fun), you'll do well with many of these. Likewise, you can accommodate large groups around by breaking them up into smaller groups that rotate.

This Resource Includes:

  • Game descriptions and instructions with photo examples (Word and pdf files)
  • Supplies List (Word file)
  • Title graphic for each game (jpeg files)

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You can play these games on-site or head to a local beach. Hype it up, decorate, and play classic beach music!
Tony Myles

Tony Myles

Tony Myles is a ministry veteran, personal coach/consultant, conference speaker, teaching pastor and author who leads a next generation movement and leadership development at Riverside Church in Big Lake, MN. He's also raising up future leaders as an adjunct professor at Crown College... and he really like smoothies.