30-Day Prayer Camp Countdown

30-Day Prayer Camp Countdown

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30 Day Countdown of prayers and verses to build anticipation for all that God can do through your retreat.


Doug's note: Wow! This is why DYM is great! This is so helpful and such a time-saver. Well done Joel! Thanks for sharing it with our tribe.

Camps seem to sneak up on us every year. At times, it's hard to prepare our hearts and minds with just one leader training. We need more. This resource will help prepare for your retreat and pray for specific things you want to see come out of the retreat.

Students, leaders, parents, and your senior pastor will be able to join in praying for specific things and see the "wins" of your camp.

Pray more boldly and specifically for your next retreat!

• Post a verse a day to your ministries Instagram account.
• Invite church staff to join you in praying along.
• Use this as a resource at a leader training.

This Resource Includes:
• 30 Day prayer countdown with verses (Word file)

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Joel Mitchell