3-Pack Countdown Video Bundle

3-Pack Countdown Video Bundle

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A 3-Pack of videos you can use to lead into your program, setting an upbeat tone for a fun service!


Countdowns engage your audience from pre-show into the start. With this 3-pack, you get upbeat countdowns that will set the tone and kick off your service with fun!

  • Dancing Squirrel Countdown: Nothing is better than a bunch of squirrels who've got the moves. Count your way down (5-minutes) to the start of service with these fun, dancing squirrels over a hype soundtrack!
  • Amazing Random Facts Countdown: This world is full of amazing stuff. This Amazing Random Facts Countdown features a bunch of mind blowing facts that are sure to blow your student's minds. (Psst...the pack of 4 volumes is available for purchase here)
  • Can You Name? Vol 1: You’ll get both a guided countdown that challenges the audience to be quick-thinking against those around them and also a version that is just the straight timer. This will give you the option to use and reuse in the future!

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John Lindsey

John is the Creative Director of Student Ministry at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY.
James Howard Jr.

James Howard Jr.

I have been in Youth ministry since 2008. I live in Hattiesburg Mississippi with my wife and daughter. I enjoy all things Marvel (MCU) DC is ok (Batman). I also enjoy making content on my Youtube Channel that helps men honor God in every part of their lives.
Matt Brumfield

Matt Brumfield

I’m passionate about pressing at the edges of what we’ve always done and seeking how we can faithfully step out of the boat to see the Kingdom of God move forward.