2024 Surf and Skate Summer Calendar

2024 Surf and Skate Summer Calendar

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Need a cool and breezy summer calendar to showcase all your events? We've got you with fully customizable calendar with some insane summer vibes!


A summer calendar that is 85% done for you and looks like you hired a professional graphic designer to do it for you? Yes, please! Just choose which file type works best for you (PSD, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint… they’re all there), make a few tweaks, and send it off to a printer! Bam. Done. The design is so beautiful that students will hold on to it as a keepsake long after the summer is over… well, maybe not, but at least their parents will know where and when to drop them off for your awesome summer events – best summer ever!

Updated for 2024!

This Resource Includes: 

  • Fully editable PSD file
  • Individual png vector files
  • Microsoft Word file
  • Editable PowerPoint file
  • Free font list
DYM Team

DYM Team

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