20 for 2020 Game Bundle

20 for 2020 Game Bundle

GOLD members pay $51.35
A whole slew of games for ya to start the New Year!


This bundle is incredible! What a way to start 2020!

Originally a special gold-members only bundle available for 1-week this past August, we're now releasing this 20-game bundle for everyone. Some of our best authors have put together completely new games that are just fantastic! Scroll through the title slides above to see just what all this jam-packed bundle includes. You're set for a while with this great bundle! Your games library just blew up!

The 20 for 2020 Bundle includes:
1. This is Why I’m Broke: eBay Edition / Sam Pettersen
2. Missing Word Volume 2 / David Rutledge
3. Extreme Row Makeover Volume 4 / Joshua Burks
4. Afraid of What? I’m Pretty Sure I Have That Edition / Wes Wilson
5. Crowd Charades: NT Edition / Tim Wildsmith
6. What’s that Sound – Celebrity Edition / Delmar Peet
7. Name that Beard – Celebrity Edition / Justin McCoy
8. The Secret Move Volume 2 / Jonathan Owen
9. Famous Phrases – Emoji Edition / Andrew Randolph and Alex Hall
10. Quiet Library / Dana Miller
11. Would You Rather: Disaster Edition / David Rutledge
12. Emojfied Movies / Chris Comstock
13. Twin to Win / Andrew Randolph and Alex Hall
14. YouTwitFace / Matt Baker
15. Game Show Pack / Sam Pettersen
16. Duck Duck Death (Sidekick “Boxes” file) / Andy Sander
17. Put it on a Sandwich (Sidekick “Wheel of Destiny” file) / Jeff Selph
18. Sync’d Up Sidekick Edition (Sidekick “Pick Me” file) / Joel Dunn
19. Clumps – Volume 2 (Sidekick “Boxes” file) / Derry Prenkert
20. Head Shoulders Knees and Cup (Sidekick “Photo Fury” file) / Micah Roddy


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