10 Styrofoam Cup Games

10 Styrofoam Cup Games

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Are you ready to play some crazy fun games using Styrofoam Cups? This resource will help you plan and execute an entertaining time with your students.

All of the games in this resource use Styrofoam Cups (we tell you this incase you missed the title of this resource). All TEN games have the qualities every youth worker is looking for:

1. Easy to adapt to your ministry.
2. Quick to prepare
3. Inexpensive to implement
4. Fun and Funny
5. Potential video moments, have your camera ready!

These games will work in large or small group settings. The games in this resource were not taken from any other games' book so they should be new games for your group to play. With your creativity you can add your own challenges with each game.

You could even make an event out of these games, cause nothing is more exciting than "Styrofoam Cup Night!"

Bob Anderson