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Own It! is a 29-lesson series that asks and answers the hard questions teenagers need to understand. The series uses a variety of delivery techniques (skits, dramatic readings, YouTube videos), but primarily uses small-group discussion to lead students to an ownership of their faith.

Own It! is perfect for Sunday school or midweek youth group meetings. The lessons are full of examples, Scriptures, and discussion questions. Depending on the amount of time you have and the spiritual maturity of your group, you can choose which questions and scriptures to explore in depth.

The Scope and Sequence of Own It includes…

The entire study is formatted as answers to some of faith's essential questions.

What’s this all about?
1. How to Make Your Faith Yours

Who is God?
2. The Omni-Omni God
3. The Heart of a Father
4. Love, Choice, and Evil

Who is Jesus?
5. Jesus: Making it Plain
6. Jesus in Chronicles of Narnia

Who is the Holy Spirit?
7. God's Presence With Us
8. What the Holy Spirit Does

What about Satan?
9. Satan: What We Know

What’s the deal with church?
10. Christ's Bride
11. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
12. Your Place in the Church

What’s the deal with the Bible?
13. How We Got It
14. Why We Think It’s Legit
15. The Bible From 32,000 Feet

What is being asked of me?
16. Grace
17. Faith
18. Lordship
19. Love and the Least

What is being offered to me?
20. Salvation
21. Freedom
22. Transformation

How does it all work?
23. Atonement
24. Atonement Review

What are you gonna do about it?
25. You are a servant.
26. You are an evangelist.
27. You are a disciple.
28. Your Personal Moment of Truth
29. You are a theologian.

This Resource Includes:
Designed with a typical small group or Sunday School setting in mind, each lesson plan includes:
• Warm Up (teaser introduction)
• Dig-In (group discussion guide)
• Use It or Lose It (personal reflection and application)
• PowerPoint slides with speaker notes are also provided
• How to use this series document

Extras include promotional artwork and access for unlimited teachers within your church.

Own It!

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A year-long, 29-lesson curriculum designed to enable students to take ownership of their faith.
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Bob Rinella

Bob is in the middle of his 11th year as Minister to Young Teens at GFMC. Bob is a native of Colorado but Illinois has been his home for more than 2 decades. Bob and his wife, Kelly, have three grown sons -- Reid, Ethan, & Garrett... and Vince the Lab.

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