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Paul's letter to the people of Philippi gives us a clear insight into what it looks like to love one another. With Jesus’ Greatest Commandment as the foundation, this series walks through the book of Philippians and looks at four ways we can love one another well, each with challenges practical ways to take these truths home.

This was originally used as a 6-week series in a Sunday morning church setting and then was edited for a 4-session weekend retreat for middle schoolers. It could easily be adapted for a regular weekly series.

Session 1 – Pray for One Another
Philippians 1:3–11
God moves when we pray. Every great move of God in church history has been predicated with fervent prayer.

Session 2 – Encourage One Another
Philippians 2:1–11
Because of who Jesus is, Paul tells us that we are to obey God. When we obey, we shine like stars. We are examples to the world that they can see.

Session 3 – Confess to One Another
Philippians 3:1–11
What is confession? It’s admitting to what we’ve done wrong and how we have fallen short. That’s exactly what we see in these verses. Paul is confessing his past and his sin to us.

Session 4 – Disciple One Another
Philippians 3:12–21
We are not made to pursue Jesus on our own! We are made to pursue Jesus in the context of community.

This Resource Includes:
• Word-for-word teaching manuscripts
• Small group guides
• Series breakdown (summary of each session)
• Notes for the youth leader using this resource

We were created to live life with one another. This series gives us four simple and practical ways to live out our mission of LOVE for one another.

Mission: One Another

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A four-session, weekend retreat teaching series based on four “one anothers” from Philippians.
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Jeremy Nelson

Jeremy serves as the Lead Student Pastor at his church, loves playing basketball and ultimate frisbee, and was blessed with an incredible wife named Jess. Camps and retreats are his sweet spot, middle school ministry is his favorite, and the origins of his nickname "Juicy J" are a mystery.

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