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The Mealtime Fun-n-Faith Fifteen is a Make Mealtime Family Time™ 15-minute event designed to give parents, grandparents, and their teenage children (and younger siblings) a prayer practice opportunity and a take-home Mealtime Fun-n-Faith Kit of activities. The Mealtime Fun-n-Faith Kit gives families with teenagers 32 fun-n-faith ac-tivities that can be used at mealtime while at home or out. Host a fifteen-minute event after the Saturday night/Sunday service, during the mid-week mealtime program or during an already-existing congrega-tional event that seems appropriate. (You can do great family ministry events before, during, or after already-existing events.) This event is highly recommended because (1) cross+generational events help families get to know other families; (2) families see that other parents and grandparents are interested in homegrown faith; (3) families get to practice an activity together in congregation which helps motivate them to do the activities at home, in the car, or while out for a meal; and (4) it takes only 15 minutes, yet the event can have a profound effect on encouraging parents and grandparents to make mealtime family time (and faith time as well). Uses • A great cross+generational resource for parents, grandparents, and their teenagers • After Saturday night & Sunday worship services • Mid-week program

This Resource Includes: • Read This First (pdf), overview for leaders • Editable Letterhead for Make Mealtime Family Time (pdf), write personal notes of encouragement Hand Outs • Mealtime Fun-n-Faith Kit (pdt), 32 mealtime activities • Paper Plate Prayers (pdf), energizing family prayer experience Table • Editable Table Directions PowerPoint Slides (PowerPoint), gives directions to families doing activities at their tables • Editable Table Leader's Guide (pdf), training tool for volunteers staffing the tables • Family Conversation Coasters (pdf), four coasters that engage families in fun-n-faith conversation while eating a snack at their tables • Table Directions Sign (pdf), written directions for families at each table. Promo • Editable Flier for Fun-n-Faith Fifteen Event (Word), promo flier that you can edit • Editable Promo Slides (PowerPoint) promote your 15-minute event • Editable Reminder Slides (PowerPoint) remind families to do the Mealtime Fun-n-Faith Kit and the Paper Plate Prayers

Mealtime Fun-n-Faith Fifteen Event

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Mealtime Fun-n-Faith Fifteen Event, a total family resource for families with teenagers and younger siblings. Yes, it only takes 15 minutes.
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