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The two main questions every student asks are, “Who am I?” and, “What am I here for?” This series will help students finally get answers to both of those questions. We live in a culture that values shallow, superficial, and temporary things. Students are told lies all day about what’s important in life, and how to be important in life. This dramatically affects their view of their identity and their value—and though we can’t un-hear the lies of the enemy, we can replace them with the truth from God’s Word.

In this four-part series, students will learn that their identity is not dependent on what others say about them, or even what they say about themselves, but by what God says about them.

Lesson 1 – “God Knows Your Heart”
God does not look at the things that man looks at, he looks at the heart. Our identity is not dependent on the things people see, but on how God sees us.

Lesson 2 – “God Knows Your False Identity”
On Earth, there are certain things that make us feel valuable (our position, appearance, wealth, skills). However, these things can all be taken away, so our value and identity have to be dependent on something eternal—being a child of God.

Lesson 3 – “God Knows Your Real Identity”
Just as we have temporary and worldly Position, Appearance, Wealth, and Skills, we also have all of these things in the spiritual sense. These things make up our REAL identity and value, and cannot be taken away by man.

Lesson 4 – “God Knows Your Purpose”
Our identity cannot be separated from our purpose. God knows WHO we are on this Earth, but also WHY we are here. This message will let students know their purpose (to glorify God) but also their potential through the power of the Spirit.

This Resource Includes:
• Sermon Series Art (jpeg)
• Sermon Series Video Bumper (1080p)
• 4 Manuscripts (2000+ words each)
• 4 PowerPoint Slideshows
• Worship / Response Song Idea for each message
• Interactive Activity Idea for each message
• Small Group Discussion Questions for each message
• Bible Study Suggestions for Deeper Study
• “My Identity in Christ” Poster (scriptures reminding students of who they are in Christ)

Known: Discovering Our Identity in Christ

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A 4-week series on our identity, value, and purpose in Christ.
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Reid Powell

Reid was a youth pastor in southern California for 13 years and is now pastoring in a small coastal town at the very top of California. He has 3 young kids and loves missions, surfing, hiking through the redwoods, and flying drones.

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