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Anyone can tell you Santa’s catchphrase, but who will be the first to guess each of these other answers beginning with “H-O”?

And, in this race to shout out the correct answer, it’s OH NO for the loser!

Designed to be played as head-to-head trivia (or in teams) with each team losing a member with each wrong answer.

The “Oh No” factor is really up to you, but we suggest a series of Christmas-themed consequences for incorrect guesses.

For example:

• Pumpkin Pie in the face
• Baby Carrot Shower (including the watery juice from the bag!)
• Milk and Cookies...give them a cookie, then dump milk on their head.

• Egg Nog Surprise

• Santa’s beard! (Vaseline their face and smash cottonballs on it!)
• Eat an entire fruitcake

• Suck on a candy cane until it becomes a weapon and fight to the death. (okay, okay, that’s probably too far...check your church insurance policy first.)

This Resource Includes:
• 10 National Holiday JPEGS

Note from the Author

Pro Tip: Load these options in to the "Wheel of Destiny" on the Sidekick app and let the game choose the consequences as you go!

Ho Ho Oh No!

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A new Christmas favorite that requires contestants to HOller out, not HOld their tongues!
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Great Introduction Game
We used this game as the beginning of our Christmas Party. I had a buzzer (you could use an object) where since everyone was sitting in a circle (group of about 20) and if they wanted to answer it they had to hit the buzzer in the middle of the circle - boys vs. girls. We didn't do any of the consequences (group - & youth pastor - don't enjoy those types of things generally), but it didn't take away from the game at all. We did get some crazy answers on some - so those consequences might have stopped those. Anyways - great game!
A Good Starter to the Season
This game would be a good starter for the season but perhaps not your "finish the year strong" type of game. For our group, the game itself didn't resonate as well others but they really enjoyed the extra comments in the answers that made them laugh and were looking forward the extras in the slides.
Ho Ho Oh Yes!
Loved this game. We actually didn't do any of the consequences (our group hates stuff like that) but instead had it has a table vs. table game. First to stand gets to answer. I didn't tell them ahead of time that the answers all started with "ho" which made the first two rounds very funny as they all tried to catch on. The game has fun little things with the answers that the students laughed at and enjoyed. Successful Christmas game!

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