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Remember the glory days of the social media when people would actually use the spacebar for their punchlines? #neitherdoi

Hashtags are here to stay. #dealwithit #yolo #seriouslythoughthisissoannoying

Did you know that the average American reads 358 hashtags per day? #justmadethatup #statsonstats #followback

But you kinda believed that, right? So it's probably pretty close to the #actualnumber #likes4likes

It's safe to say that everyone has a place in their heart reserved for loving hashtags. Right next to that place in your heart reserved for hating hashtags with unquenchable fire.

Well then I guess we need another blog post about the influence of social media on teenagers. #yaright let's just play a game!

HASHTAG BATTLE allows your group to choose which hashtag has been used more times on Instagram. Some of these numbers are massive (#bieberfever) and other numbers are smaller (#ilovehomework). HASHTAG BATTLE offers 13 incredible matchups that will have you laughing and guessing your way to victory or defeat.

#puppies vs. #kittens? #bieber vs. #baseball? Do you know which hashtags are used most often on Instagram? #goodluck

I really hope you enjoy this game. I make games that I know my students will love, and I really believe your group will love it also. There are so many spiritual connection points with the topic of social media (identity, pride, friendship, worth, etc.). I find myself addressing our social media culture A LOT when I'm teaching students. If this game helps your group have a few laughs before jumping into a serious discussion, that's awesome! Enjoy it!

This Resource Includes:
• Complete Powerpoint file
• 10 Q&A Slies
• How to Play (Word)

Hashtag Battle

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