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Doug's note:

1) I love the Bible.
2) I love reproducible products that you can photocopy as much as you'd like.
3) I love youth workers looking good with great looking resources.
(4) I love a good deal.
Wow... this has it all. Super impressed with layout and content. A leader's guide & a student guide. I'm always excited about good DYM stuff, but I haven't been this excited about a reproducible item in a long time. Well done Sabrina!

Editor's note: Finally! A resource that helps students see the Bible in a new and exciting light! I can't wait to use this with my own group and share the passion the author has for the study of God's word.

This resource was created over several years in several churches with much input from Bible college professors, senior pastors, and youth pastors to do one thing: help students grasp the overarching metanarrative of Scripture. It's an "Introduction to the Bible" college class in the form of an engaging graphic novel style booklet. It is meant to help students see how the different books of the Bible connect to tell one story about about the gospel. Rather than just giving it to a student to go through on their own, it is meant to be a resource that is worked through between a leader and a student. It works great for small groups, mentoring relationships, discipling a new Christian, student leadership teams, training your adult leaders or interns, Sunday school, Bible studies, etc.

This Resource Includes:
• 2 reproducible student booklets: Old Testament & New Testament (pdf and InDesign files)
• 2 reproducible leader guide booklets: Old Testament & New Testament (pdf and InDesign files)

Note from the Author

Depending on what context you choose to use this resource, I highly recommend not rushing the content. You could do it in 2 sessions, but 4 or 6 or 8 would help the content solidify in students' hearts and minds.

Foundations: Understanding the Old & New Testament

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This is a graphic novel-style resource that helps students grasp the metanarrative of Scripture!
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Sabrina Hadro

Sabrina has been doing youth ministry for 12 years. She has her bachelor's degree in Youth Ministry from Lincoln Christian University. She has staff experience both working in mega churches and at a church plant, middle school and high school, creative arts, small groups, and director roles.

Now, by day she is the momma to 2 little girls in the land of 10,000 lakes: Minnesota! Her and her husband love attending River Valley Church and currently volunteer with the local FCA. And she still loves creating resources to help other youth workers win!

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