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Our world easily corrupts us, but we are able to filter what we see. So many messages and values are passed on by our culture, and we are so impressionable. During this 4- week series, we are going to learn how to filter our world through the lens of God's Word. Throughout the process, we will use different types of filters to illustrate how God's Word can help us change the channel, bounce our eyes, and reveal our desperate need for more of His presence in our lives. Oh, it would be easy to just lock ourselves in a convent for the rest of our lives but then how would an unbelieving world see a loving God? We need to learn how to filter our world.

Week 1 - Air Filter. Removes dust.
Teaching Aim: The world and its desires use subtle messages to allure us. In this lesson we will point out many of the messages we hear and see how they are contrary to the Word

Week 2 - Sunglasses. Takes out the glare.
Teaching Aim: Lights, camera, action. Popularity is so attractive. We elevate celebrities and their lifestyles, but in this lesson we talk through how popularity leads us nowhere. We need to understand the truth of life found in scripture.

Week 3 - Water Filter. Makes it clean.
Teaching Aim: How do we come clean in an unclean world? It's really hard, but the truth found in scripture is that we can accept the forgiveness found in scripture and experience what pure joy and freedom are all about.

Week 4 - Oil Filter. Keeps it clean.
Teaching Aim: How do you remain clean in an unclean world? The temptations and messages are everywhere and hard to avoid. Learning how to use scripture to battle these messages is vitally important and establishing some heathy boundaries can help too.


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A 4-week series on how to filter our world through God's Word...

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