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Doug's note: I absolutely LOVE this idea and the execution of it. I will use it ASAP.

Adults and students face off to see who knows more about the other's generation! Designed for parent meetings and intergenerational gatherings, Family Face-Off offers a disarming approach to highlighting generational differences and approaches difficult subjects through a non-confrontational screen-based game. Break the ice and get your group laughing with this game. Then carry that momentum into a discussion on technology and family time using the included discussion guide.

This Resource Includes:
• Complete PowerPoint game file
• Individual (10 Q&A + instructions + physical challenge) game slides (jpeg files)
• Blank slides for customization (jpeg files)
• Photoshop design template for customization (Photoshop required for access)
• Follow-up discussion guide (pdf file)
• Articles cited (Word file)

Note from the Author

Use this in any multigenerational group, large or small. Split the group into one team of parents and one team of students. Have the teams send up a player for each question or allow teams to brainstorm together and provide a spokesperson with the answer. For more variety, allow the other team to answer and steal points.

Family Face-Off

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Adults and students face off to see who knows more about the other's generation. The next time you plan a meeting for students and their parents, add excitement and depth with this intergenerational screen game and discussion guide.
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Elliott Gregory

Elliott Gregory is the Associate Pastor of Students and Teaching at Discovery Church in Bristol, TN.

Having worked in youth ministry for over a decade, Elliott's passion for messy games, embarrassing teenagers in public, and sharing the story of Jesus, frankly, leaves him with few other career options.

In addition to serving at Discovery, Elliott is an adjunct youth ministry instructor at King University, and an unlicensed pyrotechnician.

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