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This 4 week series takes a look at some Biblical Figures we often think of as heroes of the Bible. The only thing is, they were less than perfect. Each of these heroes had a huge Failure in their life, but God still restored them and used them for His purpose. Even though we may feel like a failure in some aspect of our lives, God can and will still use us if we allow Him. This series could also work for a weekend retreat.

Week 1: David

Theme: Choices Text: 2 Samuel 11 and 12 We will look at how King David made poor choice after poor choice, trying to cover up sin. Even when David seemed to escape the penalty for his sin, God still knew about it, and David suffered a great loss. Even this man considered a man "after God's own heart" failed and sinned big time, but God still redeems David to be the greatest King of Israel.

Week 2: Samson

Theme: Pride Text: Judges 13-16 Samson was a hero with God given strength. He performed feats of strength time and again, all to achieve God's purpose for his life. However, his strength becomes his pride and he looses track that God is the source of it all. Learning from Samson's failure, we can grow to live a life of worship to God rather than pride in ourselves.

Week 3: Jacob

Theme: Forgiveness Text: Genesis 27 & 33 The Story of Jacob has always been a bit troubling. He deceives his brother Esau into giving up his Birthright and steals the Blessing from his father, Isaac. But then Jacob goes on to become the father of God's chosen people. God changes his named to Israel and gives him 12 sons--the start of the nation of Israel and the 12 tribes. What brings Jacob back into favor seems to be his seeking forgiveness and restoration with his brother years later.

Week 4: Peter

Theme: Denying Christ Text: Matthew 26:58, Matthew 26:69-74, Matthew 16:18 Jesus told Peter he was going to build His Church based on Peter's ministry, and yet Peter has a serious failure. Peter denies knowing Jesus three times before Jesus is led to the crucifixion. But Peter's failure started when he started drifting from Jesus. How do we find ourselves drifting from God?


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4-week series exploring some epic #fails from the Bible ...

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Ken is the Assistant Pastor at Stony Creek Church in Utica, Michigan. He and his wife have been married since 2002 and have 2 boys and live in the metro Detroit area of Michigan.

You don't get 15 years experience in youth ministry without getting stuck at amusement parks, loosing kids at rest stops, dealing with frustrated parents, but most of all, seeing life-change.

The resources Ken produces are some of the big winners born out of active ministry. His passion is for good Biblical teaching and fun, inventive games.

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